The Plenary of the Court

The Plenary is the body entrusted with the supervision and control of the Court. It is in charge, among others, of the following tasks: approving the Court’s strategic lines of action, reviewing the Court’s activities on a yearly basis, appointing the members of the Arbitrator Appointment Committee and approving the institution’s Internal Rules.

The Plenary meets at least twice per year, during the first and fourth quarters.

The Plenary is formed by representatives of the business community and prestigious professionals of the arbitral world. This mix combines business vision and the dominant trends in professional arbitration.


Currently, the members of the Plenary are the following:

  • Mrs. Urquiola de Palacio del Valle de Lersundi, President of the Madrid Court of Arbitration.


  • Mr. Ángel Asensio, President of the Madrid Chamber of Commerce.


  • Mr. Alfonso Calderón, Managing Director of the Madrid Chamber of Commerce.


  • Mr. Miguel Garrido de la Cierva, Secretary General of the Business Association of Madrid CEOE (CEIM).


  • Mrs. Maria José Menéndez, Partner and head of corporate for CEMEA at Ashurst.


  • Mr. Félix J. Montero, Partner at Pérez-Llorca.

  • Mr. Dámaso Riaño, Secretary General of the Madrid Court of Arbitration.